Fogo Island Inn

Joe Batt's Arm - Fogo Island - NL
Saunders Architecture - Norway
Lead Architect: Todd Saunders

Sheppard Case Architects Inc. - St. John’s
Shorefast Foundation - Fogo Island, NL
Construction Costs
Budget Cost: $25M
Key Personnel
Mervin Morris - Lead Structural Engineer
Dave Burt – Supporting Structural Engineer
Bert Ings – Structural Technologist

The Fogo Island Inn runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean at the waters edge resting on steel piles and exposed bedrock. The modern luxury but distinctly unique Inn accommodates 29 guest suites. The majority of guest rooms have their own wood-burning stoves, plus three of the rooms feature a mezzanine floor.

The building Structure has an X-shaped plan comprising of a two-storey wing and an intersecting four-storey wing, both clad in timber.

Dozens of narrow Structural Steel columns support the protruding ends of the building, ensuring it has minimal impact on the rocks, lichens and plants that make up the coastal landscape. The two storey wing contains a series of public facilities including an art gallery curated by Fogo Island Arts, a dining room, bar and lounge, and a library specialising in the local region. The second floor includes a gym, meeting rooms, and cinema. The fourth floor roof deck includes and outdoor spa with saunas, hot tubs and spectacular views of the North Atlantic.

All guest rooms are Oceanside with a view of the Little Fogo Islands in the distance with the North Atlantic beyond. The room sizes vary from 350 square feet to 1,100 square feet. Guest rooms are located on all four floors with the 21 rooms on the third and fourth floors all having a wood-burning stove. The ceilings of the rooms on the fourth floor follow the slope of the roof and the three rooms on the east are double volume spaces with the sleeping area located on the mezzanine.

The Fogo Island Inn is a fully contemporary structure, built using modern methods. Ecological and self-sustaining systems were subtly integrated from the beginning of the project, incorporating the latest technologies to reduce and conserve energy and water usage. The solar thermal on the outbuilding panels provide energy to heat water for in-floor heating, laundry and kitchen equipment.

The Fogo Island Inn is completely tied to Fogo Island and traditional Newfoundland outport architecture by the way it sits in the landscape and the materials used throughout. The building hits the land directly without impacting the adjacent rocks, lichens and berries. The exterior cladding is locally sourced and milled Black Spruce. The knowledge and skill of local carpenters and craftspeople were essential for establishing the details used throughout the buildings.

Scope of Services
DBA was responsible for the design of the Structural Steel Super Structure and Foundation System as part of the Design-Build Package.

DBA also assisted in the Contract Administration during the construction of the building.

Design Challenges
Pipe Pile Foundation System to resemble a traditional fishing stage construction

Remote Access made delivery of material during construction and site inspections difficult. The importance of advanced planning and coordination was at the forefront during construction.