351 Water Street Development

351 Water Street - St. John's
Stantec - St. John’s, NL
(formerly PHB Group)
Construction Manager - Trendex
General Contractor - Lindsay Construction
Pre-Cast Supplier - Strescon Limited
Pre-Cast Erector - American Steel
Steel Sub Contractor - Marid Industries
Construction Costs
Budget cost: $60M

Key Personnel
Art Singleton – Lead Structural Engineer
Dave Burt – Structural Engineer
Richard White – Structural Technologist

351 Water Street is the first LEED Gold Certified Building in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The state of the art Office Tower consists of 6 Levels of Class A office space, totaling more than 165,000sf above 6 Levels of Parking structure with 446 parking stalls. Additionally, there is prime Retail and Commercial space located at the Ductworth Street level.

This new Office Tower is located in the centre of Downtown St. John's at the former Woolworth Building site. At its completion, 351 Water Street Development was the first new Office Tower in downtown St. John’s in almost fifty years.

The Office Tower structure generally consists of composite steel beam, metal deck and concrete topping system supported by steel columns, which are in turn supported by concrete columns and/or concrete shearwalls.

The parking structure consists of long span pre-cast Double Tee sections supported by a combination of cast-in-place concrete and pre-cast Inverted Tee Beams. The pre-cast beams are in turn supported by a combination of cast-in-place concrete walls and pre-cast concrete columns.

The foundation system consists of cast-in-place concrete pier footings, retaining walls and grade beams resting on sound bedrock in combination with deep concrete caissons that embed into sound bedrock up to 10m below Harbor Drive.

Scope of Services
DBA was responsible for the design of Structural Steel Super Structure and the Foundation System for this Design-Build project.

DBA also played a key role in Contract Administration during construction.

Design Challenges
Constructing the foundation system in downtown St. John's proved to be a challenge. Drilling caissons into sound bedrock thru years of debris and rubble at the former building site and pouring perimeter concrete Grade Beams in a tidal zone proved to be significant challenges.

Shoring design of Water Street was another challenge. A socketed steel pile and wood timber shoring system was used to shore the busy street during construction of the foundation system.