Tiffany Village Retirement Residence

Tiffany Lane - St. John's
PHB Group - St. John's
Allied Constructors - St. John's
Key Personnel
David Burt, P. Eng. - Lead Structural Engineer
Art Singleton, P. Eng. - Structural Engineer
Bert Ings - Lead Structural Technician

Tiffany Village Retirement Residence offers independent and assisted living programs in 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom and studio suites. Your retirement living can be customized to your specific needs through our different living options such as meals plans as well as short term and respite stays.

The following facilities are found at Tiffany Village Retirement Residence:
• a Theatre
• a Salon
• a Fitness Room and Spa
• a Library and Lounge
• a Chapel

Tiffany Village Retirement Residence generally consist of ten (10) storey cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure with one (1) level of underground parking.

The cast-in-place one-way concrete slabs generally span from concrete demising walls of the building. The concrete walls are load bearing walls and carry to the Level 2 of the building. A series of cast-in-place transfer beams exist at this level to accommodate the large open spaces of the First and Second Levels.

The total floor area of the building exceeds 200,000sf.

Scope of Services
DBA was the structure consultant for this privately owned Design-Build development. Our responsibilities included design of Foundation System and Concrete Super-structure for building.

DBA also played an important Contract Administration role during construction.