Angus Cowan Hostel Extension

Health Science Centre, St. John's
Venture Architects, St. John’s, NL
Magna Management and Construction Inc., St. John’s, NL
Key Personnel
Art Singleton, P. Eng. – Lead Structural Engineer
Bert Ings, C.E.T. – Lead Structural Technologist

The Angus Cowan Hostel Extension at the Health Science Centre, St. John’s consisted of a 2 storey vertical extension to the existing building. This project provided a total increase in floor area of approximately 20,000sf.

The new Floor structure consists of concrete topping, poured on existing metal deck. The metal deck was in turn supported by a series of OWSJ's and Structural Steel Girders. The Girders were supported by extensions of the existing columns which carried down to the existing foundation system.

The new Roof structure consists of metal deck on a structural steel joist, beam & columns.

The Lateral Load Resisting System consists of the roof and floor structures acting as a horizontal diaphragms that transferr wind and earthquake loads by Vertical Braced Frames. The Vertical Braced Frames transfer the Lateral Loads to the foundations system.

Scope of Services
DBA was the structural consultant for this Design-Bid-Build project. Our responsibilities included design of Structural Steel for the vertical extension to the building and the Analysis/Upgrade of the existing structure to confirm NBCC compliance.

Design Challenges
Construction of the vertical extension was completed while the building was occupied.

Additionally occupant parking and vehicular traffic was located at the edge of the construction site, which lead to very tight quarters and minimal lay-down areas.