MUN - Core Science Facility (CSF)

Memorial University of Newfoundland -
St. John's Campus
HOK Canada Architects - Toronto
Hearn Fougere Architects - St. John's
CP1A (Foundations)- Pomerleau construction
CP3R (Main Building) - MARCO
Construction Costs
CP1A (Foundations) - $6M
CP3R (Main Building) - $250M
Key Personnel
Art Singleton - Lead Structural Engineer
Robyn O'Donnell - Supporting Structural Engineer
Chris Ryan - Lead Structural BIM modeler
Bert Ings - Lead Technician

The MUN - Core Science Facility (CSF) is a new multi-use facility at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. Johns Campus.

The CSF will be the largest and most modern Facility on Campus, with a total floor area in excess of 440,000sf.

The CSF will truly be a multi-discipline Facility, providing space for the Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and others. The new CSF will provide unique collaboration spaces for inter-disciplinary meetings.

Additionally, the CSF will provide quality flexible high end research and laboratory and teaching spaces in addition to office and administration spaces. One of the main focuses during design of the CSF is creating a flexible adaptable Facility for future students and researchers.

Pedestrian Links from the CSF to other campus buildings are planned with design work for a major above ground link to the University Centre included in the present scope of services.

Scope of Services
DBA is providing structural engineering services for the project. DBA in partnership with Entuitive Engineering (Toronto Office) will be responsible for the Structural Design and Contract Administration of this state of the art Science Facility.